private equity

Advancing Private Equity with AI Security

Discover Add Value Machine's role in reshaping the private equity sector with state-of-the-art AI security solutions, optimizing investment strategies and safeguarding sensitive data.

Private Equity Solutions

Due Diligence
Use AVM platform to analyze and synthesize large amounts of data during due diligence (annual or quarterly reports, market data, Pitchbook, Crunchbase etc.). This will speed up the process, make it more efficient, and uncover additional investment opportunities.
Portfolio Monitoring
Our platform can be used to monitor portfolio company performance for better decision- making. It can analyze financial reports, news, and market data to access the health of each investment.
Operational Efficiency
Our platform automates various routine tasks, freeing up cycles and increasing efficiency.  These include, but aren't limited to, document analysis, report generation, and internal-facing chatbots to find information.