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About Add Value Machine

Dedicated to empowering businesses with secure generative AI, Add Value Machine stands at the forefront of ensuring data privacy and compliance in the evolving world of artificial intelligence.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the control panel for the Generative AI world. Providing observability, governance and compliance across all Generative AI usage no matter where it happens.
We believe in advancing AI technology while upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and transparency.
Prioritizing the safeguarding of private information isn't just our service—it's our promise.
As the AI landscape evolves, we remain dedicated to meeting and exceeding global compliance standards, ensuring our clients can navigate this frontier with confidence.

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Meet our

Meet the passionate and skilled professionals behind Add Value Machine, each bringing unique expertise and a shared commitment to revolutionizing AI security in the business world.

John Shaw


Ravi Singh

President & CTO

Robert Davy


Chris Arden

VP of Marketing

Tanya Vucetic

VP of Services

Malcolm Duncanson

Security Advisor

Malorie Hughes

Principal Data Scientist

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