Our Integrations

Discover the diverse range of platforms and systems seamlessly integrated with Add Value Machine, enhancing the functionality and reach of your generative AI tools.

Seamless Compatibility

Browse through our extensive list of integrations, each designed to seamlessly connect with your existing systems, ensuring a fluid and efficient enhancement of your generative AI capabilities.

Google Drive

Enhance your file storage and sharing with our Google Drive integration, safeguarding your data with advanced AI security measures while maintaining ease of access and collaboration.


Elevate your data analytics and security management with our Splunk integration, utilizing AI-driven insights for a fortified cybersecurity landscape and informed operational decisions.


Elevate your Salesforce experience with our AI protection, adding a layer of sophisticated AI security to your customer relationship management.
Coming Soon


Integrate seamlessly with Google's suite of tools, leveraging our AI platform to secure and optimize your use of Google's powerful applications.
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Enhance your file storage and sharing on Dropbox with our integration, ensuring your data is protected with advanced AI security measures.
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Transform your Airtable workflows with our AI protection integration, adding a new dimension of security and intelligence to your data management.
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Seamlessly integrate our AI security features with Notion, enhancing your organizational and collaborative spaces with robust, intelligent protection.
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Integrate our AI security capabilities with Oracle, fortifying your database and enterprise resource planning with advanced AI protection and compliance.
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Elevate your HubSpot experience with our integration, infusing advanced AI security into your inbound marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.
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