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Generative Al Workshop for Business Leaders

Tailored AI/ML workshop, choose from virtual, 1-day or 2-day in-person sessions



AI make Art 5-1

Are you a business exploring the implementation of Generative AI to drive growth and efficiency but struggling with getting started?

Join our Generative AI workshop being offered in virtual, 1-day or 2-day in-person sessions to learn from our experts on how to accelerate your journey using our platform and other popular tools.

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The Basics of Generative AI

And how it can impact your industry with proven use cases, as well as help you assess your company's needs and build a team to execute Generative AI projects. Understand the challenges with implementation and ethical considerations for your business.


Hands-On Sessions

To learn prompt engineering techniques to obtain relevant and accurate responses and how to create AI automation tasks to handle email responses, document summarization, and information classification. These sessions provide practical experience in applying Generative AI techniques to real-world use cases.

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Interactive Sessions

To help you ideate use cases and select projects that can deliver the highest ROI with minimum risk. This session provides valuable insights and guidance for developing a roadmap to execute Generative AI projects aligned with business objectives.

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