Case study

Education 2.0

Accelerating Education Excellence with Secure Generative AI


  • The Company faced a significant challenge in the K-12 education market, where content creation for standardized tests and assessments was a time-consuming, costly process.
  • Content creation requires a high degree of accuracy, which is difficult to achieve at a low cost using traditional methods.
  • Ensuring data security and compliance within the realm of Al and content generation presented another hurdle.


  • Recognizing the imperative of streamlining content creation for cost and time savings at the same time ensuring that confidential and proprietary corporate data was using private fine tuned LLM's. The opportunity presented by AVM was to provide observability and governance as the customer leveraged generative Al technology to transform their content creation process, reduce costs, and enhance the quality and speed of test question generation.

How AVM's GenAI Platform Can Help

  • GenAI on AVM offers a highly secure platform to ensure data compliance and control. AVM can observe and risk assess the model training and fine tuning.
  • The teams worked together to deliver fine-tuned models and a prompt engine to generate passages, questions, and content, significantly reducing the time required for content creation.
  • One of AVM's specialties is prompt engineering and building libraries that content creators can use
    as a base. Users can send prompts directly to the models through AVM's Enterprise Chatbot and can customize base prompts tailored to their expertise.
  • Together, we incorporated the Company's rules around biases, such as ethnicities, gender, race, illicit activities, and more, to create the most appropriate and unbiased content for their customers.
  • Our solution leverages data to create content based on users' needs and geographical locations. For instance, it can adapt questions for different regions, ensuring that content in Texas, California, or Mexico is relevant to the specific educational requirements and cultural context.
  • Additionally, our fine-tuned models and platform can produce content by categories, skills, and sub-skills. For example, questions can assess reading comprehension while also evaluating sub-skills such as vocabulary. This flexibility is a unique benefit that significantly simplifies content creation for the Company - another challenging and time¬≠ consuming effort.

How AVM Solves the Problem for the Industry

  • The AVM platform provides provenance and observability for every interaction and decision made. Always keeping the human in the loop throughout the content generation process.
  • The AVM solution streamlines content creation, reducing the time and costs associated with test question generation.
  • The platform ensures data security and compliance, addressing key concerns in the regulated education industry.
  • The Company no longer needs to rely solely on manual content creation. Leveraging Al results in a more efficient and accurate process.

Benefits to the Company and Its Customers

  • The company was able to understand the utilization of the models and the efficacy all the while ensuring that corporate governance and security policies were front and center. GRC was an enabler to the value creation and not a detractor. The confidence of being able to have employees leverage LLM's that were developed with the AVM Security Hub, allowed for business to develop content faster with a human in the loop .
  • The company had 100% visibility as models were being trained with proprietary data. How and when what data was introduced and by who.
  • The Company experienced a significant reduction in content creation time, enabling faster test question generation.
  • Cost savings were achieved due to the efficiency of the Al-driven solution.
  • The quality and accuracy of content, vital for K-12 standardized tests, saw a substantial improvement.
  • The use of generative Al technology is providing the Company with a competitive edge in the education market and already seeing a significant positive financial impact.
  • End-users, teachers and students are benefiting from better and more accurate standardized tests, which play a crucial role in assessing & enhancing educational outcomes.